What makes Doughp so dope? 🍪

What makes Doughp so dope? 🍪

Here at Doughp, we think our edible & bakeable cookie dough is, well… pretty dope. #humblebrag

It's edible, bakeable and ridiculously tasty cookie dough. But this brings up plenty of questions come up: How long can I keep my Doughp? How can I revitalize it after throwing it in the fridge? Does Doughp support any initiatives? We’re here to answer all of your questions in one space.


How is Doughp Different from Normal Raw Cookie Dough?

We wrote a whole blog on this, but long story short: instead of eggs, we use flaxseed, and we heat treat our flour.

Why does this matter? Because eggs = potential salmonella, and raw flour can contain E. coli. The last thing we want is for our fellow Spoonlickers to get sick from eating regular dough, so we’re here to give a delicious alternative that you can enjoy raw & still bake!


How Long Can I Store My Doughp? 

Great question! The cool thing about our Doughp: you can keep it out in the open for two weeks, in the fridge for 45 days, or in the freezer for a year. That’s right—you can stretch it out and take however long you want to eat it. (We'll be really impressed if you can make it a whole year!)

If you’ve been storing your Doughp in the fridge or freezer and quite some time has passed -- it can get a little dense. Want to get it back to that fresh, fluffy state? Have no fear: there’s a way to fluff it back up! Simply place the Doughp in a stand mixer and let it whirl. Hand mixers also do the job well to fluff some life back into it!


How Do I Enjoy My Doughp? 

The best part: our cookie dough is edible, so you can take a spoon and devour it directly from the container—we won’t judge. But to sweeten the deal: you can also bake it! And if we’re honest, you’re not gonna find our seasonal flavors in the grocery store. (Sorry Safeway, love you.)

To bake, turn on your oven to 350°. Take one to two tablespoons (or more, we can’t stop you from creating the biggest cookie ever) of Doughp and place it on a sheet. Set a time to check up on them every five minutes—different ovens bake at different times. Your Doughp will range from warm to extra toasty depending on how long you leave it in. Check out some baking tips here!


Does Doughp Support Any Initiatives? 

Doughp is centered around the mission to break the stigma around mental health & addiction recovery. That’s why a portion of our sales from each purchase goes to SHE RECOVERS® Foundation, a nonprofit whose mission is to help connect, support and empower women in or seeking recovery. In our company, we offer a robust Mental Health Policy for our employees - check out a template we recently shared here. We know that life can be tough, we're here to help!

Have more questions? You can check our FAQs on our website or tag our social media, @doughp. We look forward to welcoming you to the Spoonlicker’s Club!

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