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Bring Cookies to Your Food Establishment The Easy Way

If you’re running a food establishment, you have your hands full. Whether it’s a pizza or ice cream shop, a sit-down restaurant, a place with counter service, or anywhere else you serve up tasty flavors, you’ve got a lot to juggle.

That can make expanding your menu feel extra daunting. You don’t want to put more on your kitchen staff’s plate, and you certainly don’t need more work when it comes to procurement.

But if you’ve been looking for an easy way to add something sweet to your menu, we want to introduce you to our oh-so-easy-to-order, easy-to-serve bite-sized cookie dough: Doughp Drops! These mouthwatering cookie dough pieces that you can eat raw or bake are now available in  18-pound boxes for foodservice establishments that want to bring a sweet treat to their patrons. 

Best of all, adding Doughp to your menu can have a huge impact on your bottom line. One client of ours has a Doughp cookie dough sundae selling 3x over any other sundae on their menu. How sweet is that?

Fast facts on our boxes just for you

We’re packing up nearly a thousand (~950, to be more precise) Doughp Drops into each of these 18-pound boxes. These have a one-year shelf life, so you don’t need to rush through them. 

We’ve got these foodservice-focused boxes in four varieties:

  • Ride or Die (chocolate chip cookie dough)
  • Cookie Monsta (blue cookies & cream)
  • Fairy Dust (rainbow sprinkle)
  • Mixed Box (Ride or Die & Cookie Monsta combined)

We start each recipe with seven all-natural ingredients so it’s just like yo’ mamma made ya — but better! Our recipe is egg-free and uses heat-treated flour so you’re safe to serve it raw, baked, half-baked… however you please. 

Plus, supporting Doughp supports a good cause. You’ll be supporting a small business that gives back a portion of every purchase to mental health and addiction recovery nonprofits. Buy Doughp, give hope!

How you can use the Cookie Doughp Drops

For starters, if you want an ultra-simple way to serve up freshly baked cookies, you can pop the Drops on a baking sheet and toss them in the oven. It’s about as easy as hot and fresh cookies can get. 

But the Drops aren’t just a simple path to cookies. We make our dough so it’s safe to eat raw. And that opens up a whole bunch of opportunities for your restaurant or shop. 

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Cookie dough milkshakes: We dreamed this up for ice cream parlors, but it could work just about anywhere. You blend the Drops with ice cream and milk. Hit it with some whipped cream and sprinkles, then pop a few Drops on top for a wow-worthy shake. 
  • Cookie dough dunks: If you’re a sit-down establishment, you can serve up a fun and delicious dessert with our Drops. Put 15–20 in a bowl, then serve it with a few sweet dips (may we suggest chocolate sauce, raspberry sauce, and peanut butter sauce?). Give your diners toothpicks or small forks and let them dunk the Drops to their hearts’ content. You might even offer some milk to sip on, too. 
  • Cookie dough skillet: Pop the Drops in a skillet and bake until just below done. Top with ice cream and a few more Drops and you’re ready to rock. 

Bringing the deliciousness of cookie dough to your food establishment just got a whole lot easier. If you want to grab your box and try it out for yourself, you can order directly on Faire or reach out to Holly Knott at


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