Smell That? Holiday Flavors are BACK

Smell That? Holiday Flavors are BACK

Did you join us for National Cinnamon Day yesterday? If not, we won’t tell if you decide to celebrate it belatedly. And with options like Cinnamood, Cinnamel Apple, and our Obligatory Fall Flavor, we’ve got plenty of ways you can dig in. 

Cinnamon definitely screams fall. But do you hear that? That faint tinkling in the air? Yep, it’s jingle bells! Sure, November’s just getting underway. But that’s not going to stop us from leaning into the holiday season. 

So we’re beyond excited to announce that not one but TWO holiday flavors are back! Let’s take a look at the scrumptious seasonal selection you can stock up on today. 

Santa’s Doughp

We keep bringing this one back year after year because it’s such a hit! Santa’s Doughp is our nod to the big man’s favorites: milk and cookies. You’ll find a mix of chocolate chip cookie dough and white chocolate “milk” chunks. But, we thought, why stop there? So we threw in a whole bunch of festive holiday sprinkles, too! As we like to say, this one definitely makes the nice list. 

If you want to dress up your own holiday table or you’re looking for a sweet gift, you can use Santa’s Doughp to make these crowd-pleasing chocolate peanut butter cups

Naughty & Nice

Santa’s Doughp is a classic, but this one likes to walk on the wild side. Naughty & Nice blends salty and sweet flavors by combining toffee pretzel brittle, dark chocolate chunks, and toffee bits in caramel cookie dough. It’s so good you might eat the whole cup yourself (naughty, but def recommended), but you can always get a second one to share (nice, and also recommended). 

In fact, are you looking for something delicious to bring to the office or to savor while you binge your favorite holiday flicks? Pull out your Naughty & Nice and make some candy bark

Oh, and by the way, we have MORE good news! Now through the 16th, we’re adding free Cookie Doughp Drops with every cookie dough order

So many deliciously sweet days ahead, right? Get shopping so you can start enjoying ASAP!



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