Sweet Recipes to Add Flavor to Your Summer Barbecue

Sweet Recipes to Add Flavor to Your Summer Barbecue

It’s grilling season! There’s just something about cooking al fresco. As you savor the fresh air and the delicious aromas wafting from your grill, you might be thinking about rounding out the meal. Sure, you could serve up a salad or some bread. But what about a sweet after-dinner treat?

When you have folks over for a barbecue, you’re trying to spend your time at the grill or hanging with them. You don’t want to have to dedicate time to the kitchen. And we can help. With these three make-ahead recipes, you can have dessert ready to go before your guests arrive. 

If you’ll have access to a freezer…

Maybe it’s easy for you to pop back into the kitchen and grab something from the freezer. In that case, we recommend serving up some ice cream sandwiches. On those hot days, there’s just something about a frozen treat. 

And to save you from having to heat up your oven, we have a no-bake ice cream sandwich recipe. All you’ll need is our Fairy Dust cookie dough (which is safe to eat raw) and some ice cream of your choice.

Make your sandwiches the day before your barbecue, wrap them up, and pop them in your freezer. That way, they’ll be ready to serve when your guest’s sweet tooth strikes.

If you’ll be working from a cooler…

Maybe you just want to stay outside, or maybe you’re doing your barbecue at a more remote location like a campsite. No sweat. With our Brownie Beast Snickers Bar recipe, you get a sweet treat that’s easy to transport. Just keep it on top of the cooler to prevent the chocolate and caramel from melting. 

You’ll need your oven and freezer for this one, but you’ll make one big slab of dessert. That way, you can easily pack the whole thing up to take to your barbecue. Just pop it out of the cooler five minutes before you’re ready to serve, and cut it into bars right before. 

If you can’t keep anything on ice…

Heading to a park or another location where you’re not trying to have to tote a bigger cooler? Try these Cookie Dough Funfetti Cupcakes, which have a hidden pocket of cookie dough inside. 

You’ll want to keep them in the shade so the homemade, totally delicious icing doesn’t melt. But other than that, these should be good to go. And when people bite into them and discover the dough, you’ll be the talk of the barbecue. 

Here’s to barbecue season! To enjoy it with everything your sweet tooth desires, check out all of our Doughp flavors.


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